LOOKBOOK.nu is a social experiment. It is a place for those in love with art, fashion and urban culture to share their outfits. It was created by two guys and a girl from San Fran who were inspired by street fashion blogs and “what are you wearing today” forums.

The site works like this: people from all around the world post a picture of their outfit. It doesn’t stop there, most of the guys and gals also post details about their outfit including: the brand, and prices. The goal of LOOKBOOK is two-fold – first, LOOKBOOK aims to be an international community of people that have their own style and secondly, LOOKBOOK seeks to provide a place of discovery and influence when it comes to the latest trends.

The website is well organized and even has a list of linked LOOKBOOKS (for those that favor a specific style) that are categorized as: thrifted, vintage, retro, spring, homemade, school, city, streetwear, casual, jfashion, summer, monochrome, newzealand, boyish, americanapparel, formal and young designer. After clicking on a specific style, you will be redirected to a page consisting of outfits that fall under that category only.

The website is still young and growing. Unfortunately, LOOKBOOK is invitation only. Still, membership is not required to view through the LOOKBOOK.

However, if you are interested in registering and submitting your looks, visit here.


3 thoughts on “Lookbook

  1. I am such an addict. It’s daily inspirational crack! I’m doing a 50 outfits, 30 days challenge! Check out my site. It will improve after I get a new camera…
    Great writing for this article!

  2. I too am a lookbook addict
    so much so that I’ve started an Art Project consisting of sketches and paintings based on lookbook looks
    I invite you to check them out if you’d like
    It would be an honor to have some feedback

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