I first heard of the band Bumblebeez 81 years ago while watching Fuse. I was introduced to the band through their video for Pony Ride (see here). Any way, I was intrigued and jotted their name down. After that I hadn’t heard very much else from the band and was convinced that they had dropped off the face of the planet (how clichĂ©). Well, it’s not so my friends! Today, if you drop the 81and look up Bumblebeez, you will find them! I’m so excited to share. This is as new to me as it is to you (I haven’t heard their tunes in years).

It’s good to see that they’re still getting it done!

I have no song suggestion, I’m barely tasting them on my own ear palate.

But check them out:



One thought on “DROP THE 81

  1. checked them out..and liked it. they have a song called spaceships..and you know what anything extraterrestrial does to me.

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