Black Cab Sessions

The other night while watching one of those Dateline, Nightline, something line, evening news shows, I was pleasantly surprised to see Death Cab for Cutie performing in the back of a cab. Although I didn’t catch the segment in its entirety, I was able to catch enough to get the jist of the “project” (for lack of a better word) that is, The Black Cab Sessions.

Black Cab Sessions was conceived and developed with love by Just So Films, Artist Selection by Hidden Fruit. The cab sessions are about great music! The cab doors are open to real musicians playing real (good) music.

Here are some extra tidbits that I gathered from the show:

– Apparently all you have to do to get a “gig” in the black cab session is to be a good musician (from any genre) that can win over the people behind the project.

– The people and the artists of Black Cab Sessions don’t do it for the money (in fact, they don’t even get paid). They do it for the love of the art, the music. The only person making any cash is the cab driver himself.

– Although the sessions are held in the back of a small cab, there is no restriction on the instruments that are allowed inside. As far as I know, the cab has hosted several instrumentalists, including a drummer (I’m not sure on the details behind that).

– Also, I think the sessions are currently only being held in Europe (I could be really wrong about this) and not yet in the U.S. So cross your fingers that it branches out to us, America.

To check out some new tunes, suggest bands to play in the cab, and subscribe to receive e-mails on current happenings visit BCS @ The Black Cab Sessions


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