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I recently stumbled across this band while listening to the similar artists of De Novo Dahl (also a new obsession) on LAST.FM. Any ways, the first song that I heard from them was “The Idea of Growing Old.” The lyrics are great and the tune is catchy. I’ve been listening to them nonstop and have delved into some of their other tunes. I haven’t done much research on the band, but what I have gathered (from their MySpace) is that they hail from NASHVILLE / SPARTA and have found musical influence in bands such as The Kinks (+), The Talking Heads (+) and even Elvis Costello and the Attractions (+++). If you Google them, you can see them being described as, “the best modern pop band you’ve never heard.” Until now folks, until now! Below is the link to a playlist with some of the recent tracks that I’ve been playing over and over again. Also, if you can’t get enough and want to purchase one of their albums and/or EPs (there are four to choose from), you can visit their website. And as always, check out their MySpace.



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