MOVIES of 2008

2008 was a year of good movies. I watched and enjoyed a lot of movies this year; however, only some were standouts. It was  difficult for me to rank the movies, as they are all very good in their own right. Small details are what made some movies rank higher than others.

The point of this list is to let you know 2008’s must-see movies! I suggest you write them down and rent them immediately – they are worth your time.

TOP 20 MOVIES OF 2008:

1.  Milk – Are you kidding me? Drugstore Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho and Paris, Je t’aime are just three reasons why you never say “no” to a Gus Van Sant movie. This movie is number one on my list because it tells the story of a man who changed lives. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the cast is full of wonderful actors who are easy on the eyes. That means you: Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, James Franco.

2. Choke When books that I’ve read are turned into movies, I rarely enjoy them. Choke is number two on my list because I absolutely loved it. The director of Choke, Clark Gregg, did a magnificent job transforming the book into a film.  I love Chuck Palahniuk’s novels. In my opinion, Fight Club and Choke are good examples of book-to-movie adaptions.

3. Burn After ReadingThe Coen brothers score again! Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt were a
hilarious duo.

4. The Dark Knight Do I really have to explain myself with this one? I saw The Dark Knight twice in theatres – once in a regular theatre and once at the IMAX. This movie is 2 hours and 32 minutes of entertainment! Batman’s voice was a little too grizzly for my taste, but I love Christian Bale.  Heath Ledger did his job and did it well!

5. Pineapple Express – Hilarious! I am 100% for any movie with James Franco in it. Seth Rogen is in a lot of funny movies, this is not accidental – he’s good! Danny R. McBride had me “LOL”ing every time he was on screen.

6. Towelhead –
“Are you digging for oil?” Now, I must admit – I was kind of, sort of dragged to this movie. I felt bad for Jasira 90% of the time; however, the movie was wonderful. From what my friend told me, the book is even better.

7. Funny Games –
100% thriller! 100% must-see!

8. The Wackness – A + for Josh Peck. He should do more movies like this and definitely ditch Drake. Ben Kingsley creeps me out for some reason, but I love him in this movie. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ben Kingsley lip locking is just as unsettling as it sounds. Despite all of that, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the soundtrack is a hit!

9. Changeling – The craftmanship of this film is notable. I am a huge fan of the muted color scheme. I’m impartial to Angelina Jolie, but she may have won me over with this movie. Also, John Malkovich is brilliant, but is that really anything new?

10. Australia –
I was skeptical about seeing this movie. It turned out to be perfect. The little boy in this movie, Brandon Walters II,  is as cute as a button. Hugh Jackman is a hunk! Nicole Kidman plays her part wonderfully (although I have a feeling she is a lot like her character).

11. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – +++ Harrison Ford ftw!

12. Vince Vaugn’s Wild West Comedy Show –
I laughed so hard. My favorite comedian on the tour was Sebastian Maniscalco.

13. Charlie Bartlett – Way better than I anticipated, a modern day Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off.

14. Smart People – Ellen Page and Thomas Haden Church are so good. They are a major reason why Smart People made my list.

15. Strange Wilderness –
I love Justin Long, don’t you?

16. Wanted – Action isn’t my favorite genre of film, yet this movie sucked me in.

17. Twilight – Honestly, I love the  Twilight series. I have read all of the books and can’t get enough. Still, this movie did not do it for me. I think the director could have done a much better job. The movie was good but could have been way better. The only reason this movie made my list is because I love the books. In my opinion, the movie itself doesn’t deserve to be with any of the other great movies that I’ve listed. As a Twilight fan, I was disappointed. It was not worth sitting in a line for hours in the freezing cold for. I did love Jasper though. Let’s just hope the next one is better.

18. Doubt – Great acting! Very intense! Phillip Seymour Hoffman can do it all, can’t he?

19. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People – Two words, one man: Simon Pegg. Need I say more?

20. Quantum of Solace – Daniel Craig is so suave, all 5 feet, 10 inches of him!


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