Elvis Perkins IN DEARLAND


I’m a new Elvis Perkins fan so I promise that I have no existing bias. With that said, I give Perkins’ new album, ELVIS PERKINS IN DEARLAND, an A+ for its brilliance. It is pleasant throughout.  While listening to the album I am reminded of Sondre Lerche, Sam Cooke, Tom Waits and of course, Bob Dylan.

*1. SHAMPOO: I glided through my kitchen dancing to this song. As indie and folk loving as I tend to be, this was only the second Elvis Perkins song I ever listened to. At one point I even sang a long, despite not knowing the words.

2. HEY:  Upbeat and uplifting. I love the line: “I don’t mind if you dream out loud.”

*3. HOURS LET STAND:  His voice in the first few lines gives me the chills. Some parts of this song remind me of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” which, in turn, reminds me of my grandpa.

Love you, baby

like mariners love the sea.

When I go to Heaven,

I swear you go with me.

4.  I HEARD YOUR VOICE IN DRESDEN:  I love Perkins’ voice. I love how this song ends:

Some have said our love is lost

but I swear I know my way from here.

Yes some have said our love is lost,

but I swear I know my way from here.

5. SEND MY FOND REGARDS TO LONELYVILLE: +++ for the title. So good!

*6. I’LL BE ARRIVING: A collage of beautiful sounds. Haunting almost. Dare I say it, perfection.

7. CHAINS, CHAINS, CHAINS: Love the horns! I doubt it will surprise anyone that my favorite part is when Perkins sings, “chains, chains, chains.”

8. DOOMSDAY: The ending of this song is spectacular.

I don’t plan to die,

nor should you plan to die.

9. 123 GOODBYE: I love the build up at the end.

10. HOW’S FOREVER BEEN BABY: A good contrast to Shampoo, the album opener. So mellow!

*11. STAY ZOMBIE (BONUS TRACK):  Absolutely beautiful. This song sounds like an antique, but correct me if I’m wrong, Elvis Perkins’ old sound is part of his appeal.






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