Emily Wells

I originally stumbled upon this video via VidMax and have been hooked to the song ever since. On VidMax the video is titled “A Babe Musician Creates A Looping Song From Violens And Drums Then Puts Her Unusual Voice Into The Mix.” YouTube spoils the suspense of who the “babe musician” is, but in case you didn’t notice, her name is:


EmilyWells Photo

So now you want to know:

Who is this Emily Wells lady and what’s she about?

I’m glad you asked.

HER: Emily Wells was born in Texas in a house filled with music. At a young age, Wells was exposed to all sorts of music. On her MySpace page she writes:

There was a lot of singing, french horn playing, and symphony listening, plus youth orchestras, church choirs and xylophones…

Wells has played the violin since she was a young girl and unlike many of us who had our stints as children musicians, Wells has hung onto her talent and incorporates her violin into the music she makes today. When Wells was a teen, she snuck into a jazz club almost every night, drank coffee and fell in love with the music she heard and the musicians who played it.

HER INFLUENCES:  Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Biggie Smalls, Outkast, Aphex Twin, Billie Holiday, Beethoven, Raymond Carver and numerous others.

HER MUSIC:  The style of Wells’ music isunique. In some songs I am reminded of Joanna Newsom, in others I am reminded of Andrew Bird. According to her MySpace, her music falls under the genres of folk, classical and experimental. Wells is currently signed to the record label Creative Control.

To date, she has released two albums – Beautiful SleepyHead and the Laughing Yaks (2006) and The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties (2008).


HER TOUR: Wells is currently on tour and will be appearing at SXSW. If you get the opportunity, attend one of her shows!  She does a lot of live sampling and looping in her live shows. She’s just trying to bring the studio to the stage! As Wells puts it, “I could fall off the balance beam…which makes it all so much more exciting.”




5 thoughts on “Emily Wells

  1. holy shit. i was literally listening to the SAME SONG when i stumbledupon this. pretty sure i just shat my pants

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. My ears have never been so completely and utterly in love with a single artist like this. Completely breathtaking.

  3. Fan-freakin-tastic !!
    Texas gal does great !
    I love it babydoll !!!
    Gotta here more….lemmie know what it feels like to be googled all freakin night !!

  4. hi, i want to buy your last album but i havent found it in mexico so i was hoping i couyld download it from someplace other than itunes cous it doesent work in mexico.


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