Movies that I’m anticipating:




June 5 Away We Go

June 12 Food, Inc

June 12 Moon

June 19 Whatever Works




July 10 Humpday

July 17 (500) Days of Summer

July 29 Adam

July 31 Lorna’s Silence



August 7 Paper Heart

August 14 Taking Woodstock

And beyond…

September 4 Extract

October 16 Where the Wild Things Are

November 13 2012

And of course I’m shamelessly looking forward to the release of  New Moon.

Also, can I just note how shocked/anxious/awkward I felt when I saw the trailer for Little Ashes!? It’s already in theaters and has been since May 8th. Not surprisingly it’s not playing in Arizona. Still,  Robert Pattinson playing Salvador Dali – I’ve got to see this!

I saw The Brothers Bloom last weekend.  It’s funny/sharp/entertaining! I definitely recommend it. Adrien Brody is a heartthrob and Rachel Weisz is so much fun to watch.


2 thoughts on “2009 MOVIES

  1. Thanks! I don’t right now, but I’ll keep a look out. I’m going to the Scottsdale Film Festival in Oct. so I’m sure I’ll come across some good indie movies that may come to theaters. 🙂

  2. HEY. I LOVE your movie list.
    especially away we go and adam.

    Do you any know others which are like that?


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