Current Obsessions

Current obsessions (in no particular order):

Yes. Yes, I am guilty of jumping onto the (sequined) bandwagon.  Just purchased a sequined headband from another one of my current obsessions (See #2) and I lovelovelove it.
2. H&M
Stepped into this store last month for the first time. Never mind that it’s nearly an hour drive away, I will become a regular. Plus, it’s becoming (delicious) tradition to go to California Pizza Kitchen every time I go.
Well, kinda. I’m newly 21 and completely enjoying it. I haven’t done as much taste testing as I would like, but so far my faves are: Hornsby’s Hard Cider, Dos Equis, Corono w/ lime, Washington Apple cocktails and Pink Pussy shots.
4. FOREVER 21 (I know, I know. It’s nothing new.)
Charlotte Ronson’s “I Heart Ronson” line at JcPenney’s has been disappointing to me so far. (And remember how excited I was about it?) Any way, I’ve learned to love Forever 21. The closest mall to me as two F21’s in it, which equals three stories of F21 clothes. F21 keeps coming out with all of these lines and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find at least one cute item in the bunch of them, but I tend to favor Heritage 1981 above all.
If you know me, you know that this obsession is everlasting.  Here is some jewelry that I am in lust with:
All this flare can be purchased on Bona Drag.
Seen a lot of convincing knock offs, but I want the real deal!
7. This song:
8. Modern Family
I’m really diggin’ this show. It airs on ABC on Wednesday nights. I’ll always have a soft spot for Ed O’Neill.

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