Concert wear

I’m an avid concert goer and I always spend the couple hours before the show trying to craft the perfect concert outfit — comfortable AND stylish. Things I take into consideration: venue (seating? indoors or outdoors?), crowd (people in my personal bubble or room to spread out?), music (danceable? moshable? chill?), temperature (cold? hot? typical indoor temperature at venue?)

Below are my picks for appropriate apparel, shoes and accessories for a show that may involve dancing or long periods of standing. You can fill in the details and tailor the outfit to fit your style, wardrobe selection and the time of the season.

*Click images for outfit details.

My concert outfit no-nos:


I cringe when I spot someone wearing these at a show. In fact, my feet go out to the feet that are dressed in those (often) concert-inappropriate footwear. The fact is, heels can hurt, especially after you’ve been standing in the same spot and position for hours. Even heel veterans get foot pain. You know, that pain that seems even more unbearable when you realize there is nowhere to sit. Flip flops, they’re not attached to your foot. No matter how cute, convenient, comfortable, strappy and woven they may be, there is a high likelihood that in the midst of dancing or walking through a crowd or even just standing, they can fall off, or worse, get stepped on and ripped off. Heels or flip flops are acceptable for some gigs, but usually only the ones that involve sitting or swaying.


How can someone enjoy music with a cumbersome bag? Whether it’s situated on your shoulder, across your shoulder or in the bend of your elbow, big bags can be a big pain at concerts. I imagine it’s the equivalent of a guy buying tons of band merchandise before the show and having to make sure it stays intact until the show is over because he has nowhere to put it. Now I’ve been guilty of toting around a big sack at a concert, but usually only when my professional camera is involved. In any case, I’m trying to help you avoid the bother (shoulder pain, hitting people with your lump on accident, etc.) Extra baggage may be more fitting for a sit-down concert because it can be placed on your lap and serve as an arm rest.


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