Mollie ate the pony

I don’t normally recommend YouTube channels. I’ve only shared some of my favorite YouTube videos (TWO YEARS AGO). Any way, I’m making an exception for MOLLIEATETHEPONY. Her YouTube profile doesn’t tell much, but here’s a bit about her:

  • Her name is Mollie or Molly or Molluska or Mollaysia or none of those.
  • She likes music.
  • She lives in the United States.
  • She sings and plays instruments (ukulele, guitar and keys from what I’ve seen) and in my opinion, does both very well.
Subscribe to her YouTube channel and listen to her sing occasionally. I enjoy her music. Maybe you will too. She does a lot of covers, if you’re into that.

A video so you can taste/hear test:

Happy listening!


2 thoughts on “Mollie ate the pony

  1. You feel like that because she looks like her mother concieved her at woodstock. I can say this because she’s my homegirl. x

  2. Like it, love it, gotta have it; hair, voice, ukulele etc. etc. Why do I feel like I’m bound to run into her at the Whole Foods Market here in Albuquerque? Perhaps another premonition of mine. Great post, I think I’m in Love! xo

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