1. JewelMint is giving away one more chance to get $21 off (an item of jewelry for only $8.99) for 24 hours only. The offer expires on May 28 and is good to first-time purchasers only. Sign up! PROMO CODE: MEMORIAL70

2. I started a Twitter for this blog. So far it’s just me tweeting the post(s) of the day, but eventually it will involve into more. Follow me and I will follow you. Also, if you have a bloglovin‘ account, you can follow me on there by clicking on the bloglovin’ button on the sidebar.

3. I made a post a little while ago with a poll that got lost in the copious amount of blogs I’ve been posting. I’m proud of my consistency, OK? Any way, I moved that poll to the sidebar (bottom left) because what my readers want is really important to me.

If you haven’t already, vote on what you’d like to read more about. Voters so far have requested more fashion and personal posts. Exercise your right to vote and if you don’t want to vote or the poll cannot contain all of your comments, questions and suggestions, contact me.

4. Also, thank you! Thank you for subscribing by email, feed, bloglovin’ or whatever it is that you do. I’d like to see more comments from you all, but I know that will come eventually. The positive feedback I’ve been receiving is really encouraging.

5. I mentioned this briefly before and I’m going to do it briefly again — I’m planning a giveaway sooner than later. Stay tuned!


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