Office wear: Ann Perkins

I recently conquered all three seasons of Parks and Recreation, with a little help from my friends at Netflix and Hulu. I’m not a fanatic of anyone’s style on the show, but I was particularly intrigued by Ann Perkins’ attire in one episode. If memory serves me right, it was during season 3. It may have been the episode that *SPOILER ALERT* Ann was given a part-time job as Pawnee’s health department PR director.

I took a few screenshots:


To be honest, there’s a large part of me that hates office wear. I don’t like the fabrics. I don’t like the way the clothes look/fit on me (think young girl playing dress up). But Ann, in her simple office outfits, looks dapper.

J.Crew is a great option for professional wear, but for those unable or unwilling to spend $100-$160 on a pencil skirt, Forever 21, specifically their contemporary line, Gap or Chico’s should suffice.


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