Skin Savers

As a woman who rarely wears make up – foundation (never) and concealer (occasionally) – keeping my skin in good condition is important. Lately I’ve had a natural glow.

These are the five natural products that have done wonders for my skin:

1) Water! It’s very important to regularly wash your face. I do so with a mild soap, a Dove beauty bar, to be exact. Also, it’s common sense, but drink at least eight full glasses of water a day.

2) Blueberries! This little fruit is packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. I eat a couple handfuls a day. The colder and fresher they are, the better.

3) Aloe Vera! I extract the pure gel from the plant (I have several growing in my yard) and use it as a face mask. Since doing this, my skin is noticeably softer.  Aloe vera can also be used for cuts, burns, rashes, and consumed for internal health benefits (it’s a little too bitter for my taste).

4) Lemon juice! Lemon juice is great for spot treatment of blemishes. It’s a natural toner. Whenever I’m dealing with a stubborn blemish, I use a cotton swab to apply the juice to the area, at least twice a day. In no time, the blemish fades.

5) Olive oil! My trick is rubbing a dab of olive oil on my face every night before bed. I know it sounds scary, but it works! It can also be applied to areas that are prone to dryness, such as the knees and elbows.

These natural products work well for my super-sensitive skin, but they may not be the best for everyone. Before applying anything to your face, test an area of your skin to make sure you’re not allergic.


One thought on “Skin Savers

  1. I love blueberries!! I put 1-2 cups in a smoothie everyday and I can see a difference in my skin and my mood..also I will be trying the olive oil trick for my face! Thanks!! Great info, love your blog!

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