Five under $50

Let the record show that I am NOT looking forward to the summer heat, but if I have to deal with it (I do), I’d like a few things…

1. Joy Division Unknown Pleasures tote bag, $15.99 via SoYouThinkYouCanRock. Nice big bag for day trips and small adventures downtown.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Tops in taupe, milk or white. I’ve been wanting a pair of high-top sneakers for the longest and this picture (via TwoKools) made me want them even more!

3. Floppy Summer Hat, $38 via American Apparel (pictured is Mocha color).

4. Photorito Lens Wrap, $20 via Photojojo. Now that I have more than a kit lens, I need something to carry lenses and this is far cooler than my camera bag.

5. Salvador Dali in Voluptate Mors 1951 tank dress, $15.99 via SoYouThinkYouCanRock. This would be great for the warmer days, paired with a colorful, lightweight cardigan.


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