Claire L. Evans of YACHT

As many of you know, I split my blogging time (very unevenly) between What She Said and The Spec (“like” our page on Facebook, plz). To be clear, the latter is entrepreneurial over recreational and so I tend to baby it more.

In any case, the site is all about music and has afforded me a lot of opportunities (meeting and speaking to musicians that I admire, getting into shows for free, writing about a creative art that I only dream I could do myself, etc).

Last night, I went to my 24th gig of the year and saw YACHT and Portland-based Onuinu. The show was quite lively, but I’ll admit that I spent most of it with one eye to my camera viewfinder. You can read a full review of the show by my friend and biz partner Alexis here. The post also includes photos and videos by yours truly.

One of my favorite shots from the night isn’t in the post, but I wanted to share it with you all:


Claire Evans is a little bit ’90s, a little bit futuristic and wholly fascinating. Physically, she and Agyness Deyn look similar – yes or yes?


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