Shoes Haul

I normally don’t purchase shoes at thrift stores, but today I found a few gems in my size and couldn’t resist. I bought three pairs of shoes, all high in quality (two made in Brazil, one made in France). Together, they were less than $10.

I haven’t owned a pair of white sandals since I was a little girl. These were a unique piece that, for $2, I could not pass on.

Bass sandals for $5? I did not think twice. The pictures don’t do justice. The sandals’ design includes a large woven band that goes across the top of the foot and two thinner woven bands that cross near the middle of the foot.

You guys, I had been looking for a pair of dark brown boots with a chunky heel and I found them. These Freelance cuties were originally marked for $3 (total steal for their condition and quality), but it just so happened to be half-off day at the thrift store and so I picked these up for $1.50!

P.S. If you purchase shoes from thrift stores, be sure to clean them properly. In my case, that involved a heavy wipe and spray down with Lysol products. I was not paid to say that bit about Lysol, if that’s what it sounds like.


6 thoughts on “Shoes Haul

  1. I’m in agreement with you about “normally not buying shoes from thrift stores” but I also think you were right not to pass up those cute white sandals 🙂

  2. LOVE the sandals! Those are perfect for those of us with unsightly bunions. Conventional wisdom says beware of thrift store shoes but I know I wouldn’t pass on those!!!

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