Line I Love: Arrow Jewelry

I came across London-based Arrow Jewelry last night on ASOS Marketplace and fell in love. I absolutely adore the delicate and simplistic nature of the pieces, particularly the rings. In the past, I gravitated toward big rings with intricate designs, but lately I have more appreciation for minimalistic pieces. So chic.

In their own words, Arrow Jewelry:

handmade earrings, necklaces, head pieces, body pieces. where you’ll find a focus on feathers, and found parts. bits n pieces are made whole again. a place where juxtaposition loves to play, and opposites attract.

How great is that last line?


From left to right, top to bottom: The mountain upper finger ring ($28), double thin band upper finger ring ($32), triangle frame ring ($36), dotted band ($36), diamond shield ($46), triangular turquoise ring ($35)

The rings are reasonably priced between $18 and $75. Follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and shop the entire collection on Etsy.


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