A Quick Trip to New York Courtesy of Copious

Myself and Mark on our first night in NYC / view of Manhattan from our hotel room at The Gem.

On Aug. 28, I was sent an email that read “You and a friend are headed to NYC for FNO!” A few days prior to receiving this news, I entered a “Stories From Inside The Closet” contest hosted by Copious. For those unfamiliar with the website, it is a online shopping destination geared toward fashionistas in the market for clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products and other goods.

Skip ahead to Sept. 6 and I’m sitting next to my best friend, flying high in the sky toward New York, across the country from my home in Arizona. We would land Thursday afternoon, just in time for Fashion’s Night Out, and stay through Saturday morning.

I had never been to New York and the only thing on my itinerary was to make memories. I soon found out that a couple days in New York isn’t much time to do anything…except fall in love with a city that never sleeps.

It seems as if everywhere you go in the City there is fashion and people who are setting trends and providing inspiration. NYC has truly earned its status as a major fashion hub of the world. In a place where no one wants to look the same as the strangers they pass on the street, it’s no surprise that creativity is all around. Inspiration comes from the travelers, dwellers and the hustle and bustle. It’s in the architecture, landscape and street art.

FNO crowd in SOHO

Day one meant Fashion’s Night Out, a worldwide celebration of retail. My friend Mark and I made the mistake of leaving our hotel, The Gem in SOHO, around 7 P.M. (an hour after most festivities began). We were met with lines and a sea of people flooding the sidewalks and streets. Nearly every retail store in SOHO was hosting an event – fashion shows, in-store makeup consultations, DJ sets, models in window displays and more. If you didn’t want to wait in the long lines (we didn’t) or struggle to shop in crowded stores (we didn’t), taking in the style of passersby was the route to go. The streets had trends, modern-meets-vintage outfits, hair and makeup that served as accessories and most of all, style.

Half of day two was spent at tourist attractions (Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City Music Hall and Times Square) and the other half was spent in Brooklyn, specifically Williamsburg. Our home for the day, Hotel Le Jolie, was located one subway stop from the best stores, restaurants and boutiques that Williamsburg has to offer. In Brooklyn, we went through a few shops, looking through every item we could and only left because our hungry stomachs told us it was time for authentic New York-style pizza. Thank you, Anna Maria Pizzeria. We also did a lot of people watching. The locals are as unique as their surroundings suggest. Surprisingly, the subway proved to be a great place to find noteworthy fashion. We ended the evening at a local bar called Union Pool. It was no surprise that the spot was filled with young, fashionable people. While mingling, we found out that most everyone in the City is a transplant, which means they each person brings his or her own style to the area.

Day three was goodbye, a departure that brought tears (rain) to the sky. Delay after delay made us feel as if we were destined to stay in New York, even if our flight itinerary said differently.

I’m so appreciative I was given this opportunity and I can now officially say I New York.

Click “more” to see other photos from my trip…

Flying east!

Our first cab ride in NYC!

View from the cab window.

Our Manhattan abode.

Day view from The Gem.

Night view from The Gem.

FNO at Free People SOHO.

FNO street style.

More FNO street style. This lady paired a chambray shirt with a faux leather circle skirt in pale pink.

DJs in the window display at a store during FNO.

Tip jar at The Bean coffee shop in SOHO.


Our boots were made for walking and that’s just what they did.

We spotted these words of encouragement during a late-night stroll in SOHO.

Converse sneaks!

Street art found on our walk toward Williamsburg Bridge.

More street art.

Street style.

Times Square street style.

More Times Square street style.

Horse and carriage near Central Park, amongst taxis and other modes of transportation.

During our short adventure through Central Park.

Before our night out at Union Pool.

A rainy farewell.

See more photos on my Instagram (@Wallace_Dee).


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