Napkin on Etsy

Napkin etsy, Etsy, Napkin

I’ll admit it — I’m not adventurous when it comes to fashion. While I enjoy watching the coming and going of trends, I don’t normally participate. I love my basics. I cling to my neutrals. I shy away from most patterned clothing, despite my inclination toward straight lines (plaid, stripes – I love you).

With all that said, I raised an eyebrow when I came across NAPKIN on Etsy. The shop is filled with clothing and accessories that scream for attention. They are statement pieces with bright colors, prints, textures and several nods to pop culture. I’m not for all of the items, but even I could see myself sporting NAPKIN’s one-of-a-kind pieces.

Check out some of my favorites below…

NAPKIN sweater, sweater, mixed prints

NAPKIN sweater, $40

yes, thanks, hair clips, napkin hair clips, hair accessories

yes thanks, hair clips, $7

simpsons top, simpsons, daisy top, crop top, napkin top

sickeningly sweet, Simpsons goth daisy crop top, $50

grunge tank, knit tank, crochet tank, napkin tank

grungy knit crochet tank, $65

steve buscemi, prayer candle, steve buscemi prayer candle, napkin candle

steve buscemi prayer candle, $13

watermelon dress, mini dress, babydoll dress, yellow dress, napkin dress

hold onto summer, watermelon mini babydoll dress, $95

reversible tote, tote bag, fugitive bag, flower bag, mugshots, retro tote bag

fugitive, huge reversible retro mugshots tote, $55

knit tank, crochet, grunge top, peach tank

peachy, grunge knit crochet tank, $60


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