Notes to Self

2014 goals, self improvement, weekly resolutions, girl power, notes, note to self, self help

In an attempt to stop making excuses about how little time I have (time is an illusion!) to do things I love or that which will make me a better person, I sat down and wrote a weekly list of to dos. I think it helps that it’s written in my handwriting and placed in a place where I can see it frequently. Also, limiting it to one major task every day makes things less intimidating and more inviting.

  • Make something Mondays — Create! Create! Create! (Edit later!)
  • Take time Tuesdays — Tackle a task you’ve avoided.
  • Work out Wednesdays — Do your hardest, longest, most-challenging work out.
  • Test yourself Thursdays — Try something new or different.
  • Fun Fridays — Ladies just want to have fun!
  • Self-Improvement Saturdays — Invest in yourself! Treat yourself! Learn! Grow!
  • Sit down Sundays — A day of rest (finally)!

Have you set similar goals for yourself? How do you like to spend your free “me” time?



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